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Berkeley offers an impressive variety of visual arts classes and 俱乐部 for all students. From learning watercolors in Lower Division to woodworking and circuitry in Middle Division to 陶瓷 and animating in Upper Division, students have amazing opportunities to create and explore their passions. Find out more below about how the visual arts are woven into the curriculum in each division. 

Art Classes, Projects, Contests, and Exhibits


Video: A Cross-Divisional "Monster" Art Project





Since 1992, Berkeley has steadily acquired an impressive art collection. 约 100 pieces are proudly displayed throughout the campus in offices, 教室, and in high-profile areas for all to enjoy. 棋牌游戏平台收藏 is a compilation of significant professional artwork acquired through donations or purchases.


The purpose of the collection is three-fold:


  • to enhance the curriculum in the visual arts by providing original artwork representing a wide variety of styles, 技术, 和艺术家

  • to provide tangible examples of cultural/historical significance for interdisciplinary approaches to teaching

  • to further demonstrate Berkeley’s commitment to the visual arts


目前, the Berkeley Collection consists of works by such noted artists as Andy Warhol, 萨尔瓦多•达利, 乔治·帕帕斯, 杰夫Kronsnoble, 布鲁斯·马什, 吉姆吃饭, 理查德Anuszkiewicz, author/illustrator Marc Brown, and printmaker Patrick Lindhardt.